Welcome to my Blog, I am Utokia Langley.  Thank you for spending some time with me!  I hope you enjoy yourself while you are here and visit often!  And by all means leave me comments, I love hearing from you!

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She’s Got Flavor has been FEATURED IN Parents, Better Homes & Garden, Everyday with Rachael Ray, Uptown and Upscale Magazines.  I have an online FEATURE ON PBS.org, a FINALIST IN the 2012 Black Weblog Awards, WINNER OF the 2013 Reynolds Real Moms Competition APPEARANCE ON The Dr. Oz Show, The CHEW and FOX45.

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Who am I?

I am a wife to an incredible husband, mom to two beautiful angels, blogger to the world, author, freelance writer, cooking show host, social media influencer, campaign outreach representative, brand ambassador, instructor, spokesperson, entrepreneur and flavor enthusiast.  WHEW!!  I have been sharing easy to follow flavorful recipes with the world since 2010.  I am a self-taught home cook who has been cooking since I was old enough to use the stovetop! Cooking makes me happy!  Finding that perfect flavor in food is like a brand new accomplishment with every new recipe.  Whether it’s a dessert, snack, lunch, breakfast, drink or dinner, I absolutely love bringing the best flavors forward.  I’m humble, grateful and giving.  I’m also goofy, playful and always walking around with my cup half full ~ so don’t think I’m a nut if you see me and I’m just smiling for no apparent reason ~ HA!  I just think the world is a better place with a smile and some good food! 

What is She’s Got Flavor?

She’s Got Flavor is a place where I share recipes I’ve developed over the years (yep all developed by lil ole’ me – tested by my friends and family).  Ideas are sparked by friends, family, restaurants, magazines, TV and my big fat imagination!  You will find both written recipes with pictures as well as some recipe videos from my YouTube cooking show; She’s Got Flavor!  Cooking is my calling, my passion, and my 2nd love (right after family of course)! 

Sometimes I get all Gourmet with it and other times I keep it Home Style. I make some dishes from scratch and with some I will throw in shelf items that make the recipe easier and/or quicker.  I believe in the three Fs – FASTFRUGALFLAVORFUL!  Some of my recipes, I keep it healthy, then out of nowhere I get naughty and share recipes that are a bit on the fattening side but oh so delish (to be eaten in moderation of course)!  At the end of the day though it is truly about the flavor, hence the name; She’s Got Flavor. However, I must give credit to my sister Latonia who came up with the name She’s Got Flavor. I knew it was perfect the first time I heard it! Thanks Sis!

I also share information about “Mom Beauty” and “Mom Fitness” because well I want to always be a HOTT MAMA!  Staying HOTT takes work, so I work on it as much as I can honey!

Then there are “My Thoughts” where I just share random thoughts or things I am experiencing or want to share.  I love sharing, I think communication is key in life and you never know when your words may help someone else!  So for you I open up and share my thoughts!

Comments Are Welcome

Feel free to post comments, however, I do ask that you keep it clean (NO PROFANITY IS PERMITTED)! She’s Got Flavor is a family site, where men, women, and children of all ages can visit to learn new recipes and discuss food and some lifestyle related topics.


All photographs on www.shesgotflavor.com were taken by me, Utokia Langley and are protected under copyright. You may use any photographs from this site only if

  1. written credit is given to this site;
  2. the photograph must link back to this site or a link must be used that will direct back to the ShesGotFlavor original post – you may NOT at any time without permission from Utokia Langley copy any written text to include but not limited to recipes and/or quotes
  3. Utokia Langley reserves the right to request the removal of any photograph, recipe, credit and link at any time and for any reason.

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Family Love!!


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