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Published on March 5th, 2015 | by utokia


Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken

First of all this recipe had me at crispy and juicy, making it curry fried chicken just took its flavor profile to the next level.  It will make you moan with pleasure.  This fried chicken is crispy and juicy just like Grandma makes it.  You bite in and hear the crunch and then have to grab a napkin because juice is now running down the sides of your mouth and you love it!  Sometimes its hard to get fried chicken just right, this recipes does it for you!

OMG YUM!Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken | ShesGotFlavor Crispy Chicken Juicy Fried Chicken Grandma's chicken, curry chicken, fried chicken wings, fried chicken breasts
Just the right seasoning creates just the right flavor!Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken | ShesGotFlavor, fried chicken wings, fried chicken breasts, curry chicken, coconut milk
Oh just taking a curry coconut milk bath!Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken | ShesGotFlavor, fried chicken wings, fried chicken breasts, curry chicken, crispy fried chicken, coconut milk, thyme
Preparing your skin to be crispy is mandatory!Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken | ShesGotFlavor, fried chicken wings, chicken breasts, curry chicken, coconut milk, fried chicken, how to make fried chicken crispy
Sizzle Sizzle Baby!Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken | ShesGotFlavor, fried chicken wings, fried chicken breasts, crispy fried chicken, chicken coating


Chicken parts (4 thighs, 4 wings and 2 legs)
1 13-14 oz. can of coconut milk
2-3 tbsp. Jamaican Style curry powder (or you can use Indian)
2 tbsp. crushed garlic
½ – ¾ cups peanut or canola oil (or quarter way up your pan)
2 tbsp. Sea Salt
1 tbsp. Ground Black Pepper
2 ½ tbsp.. Dried Thyme
Egg wash mixture (2 whole large eggs beaten with 2 tbsp. water)
2 cups seasoned self-rising flour (add 2 tsp. sea salt, 1 tsp. black pepper, 3 tsp. dried thyme and 4 tsp. paprika to flour)


  1. Clean Chicken parts thoroughly and pat dry with paper towel
  2. Add chicken parts to large bowl and add in coconut milk, curry powder, sea salt, ground black pepper and dried thyme and mix until fully incorporated
  3. Add to refrigerator and allow to Marinate for a minimum of 1 hour and maximum of 24 hours (the longer it marinades the better)
  4. Add Egg Wash to a bowl or flat pan, add flour to bowl or flat pan, remove chicken from marinade and dip into egg wash on both sides then dredge in seasoned flour on both sides then set aside for about 5 minutes so flour can set
  5. While Flour is setting heat peanut or canola oil in Dutch oven or large skillet, fill oil about quarter up pan over high heat (I turned mine to 10) until temperature reached 350
  6. Add 3-4 pieces to the oil (do not overcrowd), immediately turn the heat down to medium high (I turned mine to 7), cook about 10-14 minutes total (5-7 on each side) or until fully cooked through (*tip – flip every 2-3 minutes to ensure the skin doesn’t burn)
  7. Add fried chicken to cooling rack that sits in a baking pan and that has aluminum foil or a paper towel on the bottom to catch the oil drippings, place in a warm oven on lowest temperature to keep chicken warm and skin crispy while you fry the next batch
  8. For the next batch turn heat back up to high (I put mine on 10) until temperature reaches 350 again, add new chicken, turn heat down and repeat the process until all your crispy juicy curry fried chicken is done
  9. Serve with carrots, corn, mashed potatoes, cabbage, spinach or salad and ENJOY!

Utokia ~
Sizzle Sizzle Baby

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My name is Utokia Langley. I come from a family of great cooks, none of them professional chefs but trust me some of the best flavors came from the kitchens in my family! Flavor has always been a priority with any meal, whether it was breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or just a snack.

15 Responses to Crispy Juicy Curry Fried Chicken

  1. Flip Flops says:

    This looks Yummy, never tried Curry Fried Chicken, what a great idea!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I made this last night and it was delicious. My husband doesn’t even like fried chicken and just announced on Facebook that this chicken “changed his whole food life.” Thanks for the great recipe!

  3. A'ishah says:

    I’m making this right Now as we speak for my husband and Kids..hope it taste as good as it smells

  4. shallon says:

    I’m making this as I type. Waiting for the oil to hear up a bit. Can’t wait to taste it. This might become my potluck dish…

  5. Antoinette Davis says:

    Hi Utokia

    Can I bake the curry chicken instead of fried? Thanks

    Toni Davis from Whitehall and PMA

  6. I think my favorite thing about your dishes is that they are always the perfect level.

    This wasn’t a good idea to look at while hungry! I need all of these right now!!

  7. Keith says:

    The recipe looks like its going to be very tasty but I have and issue with your ingredients. Why is 2tbsp of crushed garlic on the list?

    • utokia says:

      Hi Keith,

      The crushed garlic gives a nice flavor but if you don’t like it omit it. The wonderful thing about recipes is you can make it your own. Hope you enjoy

  8. M.J. Ross says:

    This curry chicken looks absolutely delicious! I’ve been craving fried chicken and I didn’t want to make the usual so I came across this recipe. I’m going to do this for Friday night dinner. Thanks!!

  9. Lim says:

    Can I use garlic powder instead of crushed garlic?also can I mix everything together in advance and refrigerate overnight?

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