by Utokia Langley
Kitchen MisHap and How I Fixed It by Utokia Langley

I am a Food Blogger, who develops recipes and posts them online for you to enjoy … BUT we all have our mishap moments in the kitchen … here is mine + a tip on how I saved self …

For 4th of July my father in law made his infamous fall off the bone bar-b-que ribs!  I volunteered to make the mac & cheese.  The pressure was on to produce some mouth watering mac & cheese, after all I was at my in-laws home – home to one of the best cooks I know; my Mother in-law!  And then there is the fact that I am a food blogger so everyone was expecting goodness to come from my pans!  BUT something when terribly WRONG!  Or should I say terribly SALTY!!

Normally I taste my food as I prepare it but I was just seasoning my mac & cheese away, talking and laughing with people as they rang the door bell and flowed from the kitchen where I was working to the back yard in anticipation of all the good food that was to come.  THEN it HAPPENED right before putting it in the oven, I tasted my mac & cheese and honey let me tell you, that was the saltest anything I’ve ever tasted.  My arm must have been working over time seasoning those noodles!  I thought OMG what am I going to do, I can’t have people eat this salty mac & cheese, what to do what to do, I was thinking umm do I toss it, then it hit me!  Let me balance this salt with something sweet!

THAT SOMETHING SWEET SAVED THE DAY FOR ME … you ready for the tip? ………………… I added granulated sugar to balance out the salt … it worked like a charm and turned out to be one of my best mac & cheese moments ever, THE END.

moral of the story … always taste as you go

 macaroni and cheese by utokia langley

Utokia ~
Sizzle Sizzle Baby


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Simone July 14, 2013 - 12:08 pm

GOOD SAVE!! I kept hearing about this mac and cheese. Seriously, the fella mentioned it like 4 times how GOOD it was. LOL..So you did great!


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