Juicy Steak Gyro VIDEO

by Utokia Langley
Juicy Steak Gyro | ShesGotFlavor

I know many of you have your favorite foods from your favorite cities; this steak gyro reminds me of this delicious beef gyro I get from from a vendor in Manhattan, New York on the corner of 35th & 6th Avenue.  The simple foods in New York are what stand out for me like the pizza, hoagies, pretzels, hot dogs and gyros!  Even if I go to a fancy restaurant I never leave New York without visiting a corner vendor for at least one of my favorites.  I particularly love this recipe because the Naan bread really sets it off with the buttery light flavor oh and wait I can’t forget about the creamy sauce and wait the juicy steak, ok, I’ll stop this run on sentence here and just say I love the whole thing!  And to boot it doesn’t take long to make and is very filling, you can pair this steak gyro with rice or salad but honestly my family and I are full with just one gyro!  I hope you enjoy as much as my family and I have!

For the written recipe please check out my Juicy Steak Gyro Post.   Don’t forget to email this video with friends and family ~ they will thank you for it!!

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