Light, Crispy & Delicious Shoestring Onion Rings with Buttermilk Dipping Sauce

by Utokia Langley

I know there are some onion ring fanatics out there.  You know who you are – you are the ones who love those big fat onion rings piled high on a ring!  Me I am a shoestring onion ring kinda gal!  I love my onion rings thin, light, crispy and above all oh so tasty!  When I order these in a resturant, I normally get ranch dressing to dip them.  However, I decided to increase the flavor and dip these with some buttermilk dipping sauce!  For those big fat onion ring lovers, I urge you to try this recipe!  You may not turn your back on the ones you hold dear to your heart but there is a very high probability you will love these as well!  Enjoy, they are way easy to make!

Light, Crispy and OH SO Delicious!!!



1 large vidalia onion
1 12 fl oz can of evaporated milk
1 1/2 cup of yellow corn meal
old bay seasoning (to taste)
sea salt (to taste)
ground pepper (to taste)


  1. Peel skin off onion and wash
  2. Thinly slice entire onion and set aside
  3. Pour evaporated milk into a bowl
  4. Pour corn meal in a separate bowl and add sea salt, old bay & pepper
  5. Pour vegetable oil into a frying pan and turn on high heat
  6. Once oil is hot, turn down to medium heat
  7. Add onion rings into the evaporated milk
  8. Then take 5-6 onion rings out of evaporated milk and dredge in corn meal
  9. Carefully add onion rings to vegetable oil in pan (you can add more onion rings if you like, just do not over crowd your pan)
  10. Cook on each side about 3 minutes each or until golden brown
  11. Take out of pan and drain on plate lined with a paper towel
  12. As soon as you add onion rings to paper towel, add more sea salt while the onion rings are hot
  13. Repeat until all your onion rings are done



3/4 cup mayo (I use Helmans)
1/2 cup buttermilk
2 tbsp. heavy whipping cream
1 tbsp. fresh or dried parsley
2 tbsp. fresh or dried cilantro
3 tbsp. granulate sugar
sea salt (to taste)
ground pepper (to taste)


  1. Whisk all ingredients together until smooth and creamy
  2. Chill in refrigerator for at least 30 minutes before serving

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David June 4, 2012 - 4:25 am

I want to thank you. I grew up in the restaurant business, and have worked as a cook in the past. So I have made onion rings for over 30 years. These were by far, the most delicious shoe strings I have ever had. My wife who is a little snobby about her onion rings, has always loved Ralphs on Cape Cod for their thin crispy onion rings. She also loves the haystack onion rings at Legal Seafood when they have them. The other night I made dinner, I boiled up two 2.5lb beauties, and by the way I made steamed clams for an app. Also corn on the cobb. Started cooking the rings and served the first batch when the steamers were ready, a second between steamers and lobster, and two more batches after that. Her comment was simple, “OMG These are the best onion rings I have ever had!”
Your recipe came across as honest and like you knew what you were doing, it even got an old dog like me to try something new and WOW.
Thank you very much!
Norwood, MA

utokia June 6, 2012 - 10:29 pm

Awe thanks David, I appreciate your story … I put lots of love in my recipes and if it isn’t right I keep doing it over and over and over again until it tastes good or I just don’t post it! It feels good that someone like yourself who knows his way around the kitchen likes my recipes, it lets me know I am doing some things right! Take care, tell your wife I said hello and hope you guys enjoy more recipes on


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