Media Interview – The Truth About Awiti with CP Patrick

by Utokia Langley
The Truth About Awiti | CP Patrick

Everyone needs some “me” time!  Before marriage, kids and this love affair with food, I used to read lots of books.  No particular genre I just read what sparked my interest at the time.  After marriage, kids and this love affair with food, I left my love for books behind.  Well I have been rejuvenated and intrigued by a new book called “The Truth About Awiti”!  It was written by a new author, Christine Patrick (CP Patrick).  I stumbled onto Christine’s web page while searching for a new novel to read.  The excerpts had me at hello honey!  I love the story line, the places and time travels interwoven in this novel.  It creates African American fantasy but at the same time teaches us some African American history.  After reading a few excerpts on Christine’s website, I reached out to Christine to conduct a media interview.  I am so happy I did.  I am stoked to read her novel! I enjoyed talking with Christine about her novel, and found her as fascinating as her novel.

Here is your excerpt tease:
“Father promised we would find each other, even if it took a lifetime.
And I believed him.
I knew no matter what happened our family would find a way to be together again.
I would do whatever it took to ensure our reunion.
And so I ran. I never looked back. And I never saw them again.”

You Can Purchase “THE TRUTH ABOUT AWITI” on Amazon


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