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Breville BSM600SIL Smoking Gun Food Smoker, Silver




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The Smoking Gun food smoker for home chefs and mixologists adds big, smoky flavor and aroma to foods and cocktails in just 5 minutes without adding heat. A smaller, more versatile alternative to traditional smoker accessories, it requires no presoaking wood chips or cooking for hours for that rich smoky flavor. It does not cook or preserve food, or change textures or temperatures. Cold smoking with The Smoking Gun has never been easier. Gently infuse measured amounts of natural cool smoke to prepared and delicate foods to enhance flavor. Lightweight (.75-pounds) and low noise (58 dB) for comfortable single-hand use. Dual-flow air speeds (7.1 and 11.1 m/s) to control smoke intensity. Detachable .75-inch 18/8 stainless steel burn chamber for easier loading and cleaning. Smoke meat, poultry, fish in a flash after plating. Elevate bartender recipes for exciting smoked drinks, like Smoky Marini, Smoky Mary and Dragon’s Breath. This battery operated portable smoker works indoors and out to infuse smoky flavors from wood smoking chips, teas and spices, hay, dried flowers and herbs. Creatively pair combustibles with foods, like cheese and smoky dill, butter with rosemary or thyme, smoke sauces, tomatoes for salads, chocolate, meringues and fruits. To use, simply fill burn chamber with combustibles, switch on and light with a match or lighter. The flexible extender hose applies smoke directly to plated food, inside resealable bags, or containers. The burn chamber contains any heat so only cool smoke is produced. Kit includes the Breville smoke gun with integrated stand, removable silicone nozzle extender hose (17.5-inch), detachable 18/8 stainless steel burn chamber (.75-inch), replacement smoke screens, wood chip samples (2.5-ounces each Apple and Hickory), 4 AA batteries, instructions and recipes. Store upright when not in use. Compact storage. Disassembles without tools. To clean, wipe with a damp cloth. Burn chamber is dishwasher safe. 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Breville-Smoking Gun food smoker quickly adds natural cold smoke flavor and aroma to meat, fish, vegetables, sauces, and cocktails without using heat
Features integrated stand, dual air speeds, removable silicone extender hose (17.5-Inch), and detachable .75-Inch 18/8 stainless steel burn chamber
Easier, lighter, quieter than traditional smoker accessories; portable indoors and out; smoke with wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers
Ideal for home chefs and mixologists; includes smoker, replacement screens, .5-ounce apple and hickory wood chips, batteries, Instructions and recipes
Compact storage; disassembles without tools for cleaning; wipe with a damp cloth; burn chamber is dishwasher safe; 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
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