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Classic Food and Drink Commericals of the 50s and 60’s




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Take a trip down memory lane with this great collection of over 60 vintage food commercials. The commercials mostly aired on television in the 1950s and 1960s and includes many classic and beloved brands of food from that era. Here is a partial list of the food items included on this DVD: all bran flakes, ballantines ale, beech nut baby food, black label beer, bounty, breast-o-chicken tuna, budweiser, butternut coffee, carnation instant breakfast, cheerios, chef boyardee, coca cola, colt 45, county fair bread, dunkin hines cake mix, fischers bread, folgers coffee, frosted flakes, gold medal flour, good luck margerine, goulding beer, hamms beer, hawaiian punch, heinz pickles, hellmanns mayonnaise, jell-o pudding, jif, kellogs sugar smacks, kix cereal, labatts beer, maxwell house, maypo cereal, mountain dew, old milwaukee beer, pepsi, pet milk, post grape nuts, quisp cereal, raisin brand, rheingold beer, salada tea, sanka coffee, skippy peanut butter, sunbeam bread, wesson oil, wheaties, and many more… This DVD has a runtime of approximately 1 hour 3 minutes.


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