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Food & Drink: Adult Grayscale Coloring




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Welcome to the world of Grayscale Coloring …Grayscale coloring is fast becoming the favorite way to color. With true to life images, high-or-lowlighted in all the shaded or non-shaded areas, and no restraining outlines, grayscale coloring allows the colorists of today to produce realistic, beautiful pieces of artwork ready for display.All of the designs in this book have been specially selected with grayscale colorists in mind, no matter their ability. To create true-life masterpieces, it’s recommended to use colors that match the shaded areas in depth—dark colors for the darker tones, lighter colors for the lighter tones, and medium shades for the tones in between. Food & Drink: Greyscale Colouring Book contains a buffet of culinary delights upon its single-sided greyscaled pages, just awaiting the magic touch of the colourists of the world.Give it a try: Add colour to these delicious delights and feed the colouring hunger within you.


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