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House-Autry Air Fry Seasoned Chicken Coating Mix, 8 Ounce, Pack of 3



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Make a traditional dinner for the whole family to enjoy in just minutes with this chicken coating mix by House Autry. Developed especially for cooking in air fryers, it works in almost any fryer model. This air fry chicken mix reduces prep time so you can get tenderloins and breast pieces into the frying basket sooner. The chicken comes out of the air fryer with a crispy texture and all the flavor and juices sealed in. This chicken recipe coating adds no cholesterol and only contains half a gram of fat per serving. It also requires no oil for the cooking process. Wheat flour and stone-ground whole-grain cornmeal give the baking mix a rich texture while garlic, onion, and spices combine to create a complementary, savory taste. House Autry coating mix is a good choice for chicken fingers as well as larger pieces of chicken that fit into an air fryer.

CRISPY AND CRUNCHY: the season coating mix not only makes chicken crispy and crunchy but also seals in juices or a more satisfying flavor in each bite
CUT OUT THE FAT: using this air fry coating requires no oil and the air frying process gives you a tasty meal that’s low in fat and healthier than deep-fried chicken
PRE-MIXED INGREDIENTS: this baking mix is made with stone-ground cornmeal and wheat flour for a hearty textures and contains garlic, onion and a variety of spices to create a savory taste
RECIPE POSSIBILITIES: House Autry coating mix works in most air fryers when making the recipe on the packet or others using various cuts of chicken


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