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House-Autry Air Fry Seasoned Pork Coating Mix, 8 Ounce, Pack of 3



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Make your favorite cuts of pork crispy and more flavorful with the addition of this seasoned coating mix by House Autry. It’s a mixture specialized for use in air fryers and works with most models. This pork coating mix makes meal prep quicker and easier so you can spend less time getting dinner ready and more time enjoying it. After cooking, pieces of pork have an outer layer of crispy texture that also keeps juices sealed in for a richer flavor. This air fry pork mix is free of cholesterol and is low in fat, requiring no oil for frying. Wheat flour and stone-ground whole grain cornmeal have a smooth texture that’s easy to work with while garlic and spices make the taste one to savor. House Autry coating mix for air fryers is suitable for pork chops, cutlets and other recipes.

CRUNCHY TEXTURE: the pork coating mix forms a crispy, crunchy texture that also seals in the natural juices and flavor of the meat for a more savory meal
LOW IN FAT: air fry coating mix contains no cholesterol and only 0.5 grams of fat per serving and also requires no fat-adding oil to prepare
QUALITY INGREDIENTS: baking mix is made with wheat flour and stone-ground whole grain cornmeal for a rich, smooth texture and garlic and spices for a satisfying flavor that complements the meat
MULTIPLE RECIPES: use House Autry coating mix in most air fryer models when making pork chops, cutlets and a range of other dishes


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