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Nana Hats Banana Preservation System (Unicorn)




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(as of Feb 24,2021 22:06:20 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Nana HatsNana Hats

We’ve discovered the secret to your bananas living a long and healthy life…

Watermelon Nana HatWatermelon Nana Hat

The Science

Bananas produce a natural ripening agent, ethylene gas, as they begin to ripen.

By securing our patent pending, BPA-free silicone cap to the crown of your banana bunch, you are helping to inhibit the absorption of the ethylene gas, thus slowing the ripening process.

Nana Hats Styles AvailableNana Hats Styles Available

A stylish and sustainable solution to single-use plastics and foils


Fresher for Longer

Nana Hats will keep your bananas fresher for longer and they will ripen with fewer unsightly brown spots.

It really works, try it for yourself!

Patent Pending Nana Hats CapPatent Pending Nana Hats Cap

Style Your Nanas

Nana Hats are magnetically attached and easily interchangeable.

This means that you can simply swap hats whenever you like!

Now your kitchen fruit bowl will be the conversation piece it was meant to be.


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