RESTAURANT REVIEW – Citrus, in Virginia Beach, VA

by Utokia
Citrus-in-Va-Beach | ShesGotFlavor

I saw this restaurant on the food network show Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. So I wanted to go taste the soft shell Benedict because when the owner cooked it on the show it looked so good! I was disappointed though because when I went the soft shell was out of season! HOWEVER, they made up for it with their grilled scallop Benedict! I can’t even explain how delish it was! It had spinach, bacon, grilled scallops, sunny side up eggs and hollandaise sauce on top, all on an English muffin!

The prices and wait staff were good also. The only down side is the wait, because the food is so good people are waiting in line to get in. My advice is to go really early or when lunch is dying down. Like go at 7am when they open or 12 when lunch is dying down a bit. You can also say first seat available so they will put you on the patio which is nice by the way to sit outside so you get to skip others in line if they want inside seating only. Oh and lastly the hash browns were to die for, make sure you get em’ with the onions and cheese!!

Citrus, in Virginia Beach, VA Receives She's Got Flavor Approved

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